Technical Info

SMRN5001 originates from Emerald Hills, California in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Two identical streams are simultaneously encoded. One stream is encoded at 64 Kbps using the AAC+ codec and the other is encoded at 192 Kbps in MP3 format.

More than 180,000 audio files are stored in an 32 TB disk storage system that runs FreeNAS software.  This collection is administered with custom-written audio asset management software.  Audio files are stored in FLAC format, and most have never been subjected to lossy compression.

Playlists are created with the Station Playlist “Creator” and playout is handled by Station Playlist “Studio.”  Replication is done with Icecast-KH software.

Server Software

  • Station Playlist “Studio” playout software on Microsoft Windows-10
  • StereoTool by Thimeo Software (Hans van Zutphen)
  • TrueNAS network attached storage (for audio files)
  • Icecast-KH streaming software
  • Rocky Linux operating system (for Icecast-KH and WordPress)
  • FreeBSD operating system (for FreeNAS)
  • WordPress content management software (for web site)
  • VMWare, Inc. ESXi virtualization hypervisor

Server Hardware

  • iXsystems 2U dual Xeon server for FreeNAS
  • iXsystems 2U quad Xeon server for VMware ESXi  (supports SPL “Studio” virtual machine)
  • Dell R730xd 2U quad Xeon virtualized servers for Rocky Linux on the San Mateo Regional Network, Inc. supports web hosting and streaming.

Production Software

  • Adobe “Audition” audio editing software
  • Station Playlist “Creator” software for scheduling



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