I love radio. I was an avid listener, critic, historian and technologist. The competition among broadcasters to develop audience that could be sold to advertisers was a thrilling concept. I used to believe traditional broadcast radio might morph into something new and incredible, and thought I might want to help shape its future. Now, I know better.

Sadly, there is less and less content on the radio that I enjoy listening to.  I developed SMRN5001 for my personal entertainment so that I can hear the music and radio program elements that I enjoy the most.  Perhaps you might enjoy listening too.

The vintage radio commercials, jingles and other program elements are played for entertainment only. There is no revenue from this web site or audio stream.

For the past 50+ years I have been developing ideas and building things that help people communicate. I don’t know anyone who has come so close to working in commercial broadcast radio as I have, however I have never been employed in the field. (This has confirmed my belief that I have a guardian angel.)

Please contact me by e-mail if you have questions or comments. daryl@tcomeng.com